Q. Do I need to be really fit to start?

A. No you don’t. I have trained literally thousands of people, 1 to 1 and in group exercise, so I’m well versed in the deliverance of each exercise. I will show you the different levels you can perform them safely and effectively so you don’t feel like an idiot. Each session is planned to make you ‘puff’ but I can tweak each workout to suit your fitness and ability.

Q. I don’t want to lose weight, just tone up and get fitter, would this program be wright for me?

A. Yes absolutely. See in order to tone up you must lose body fat so you can see your muscles that have been hiding away. The Jango Free Fat Loss Formula is focussed on helping you burn the most fat possible over a 24 hour period rather than just burn ing calories in a workout. I you have a few pounds to lose to want to shed a few stone this will help you get there faster.

Q. Do I need to take the supplements?

A. The supplements I recommend are purely optional. The rapid results come from getting healthy as quick as possible and by following the supplement protocol you can help speed up the excretion process of the toxins from your body more effectively. The investment in the products will determine you getting amazing results OR outstanding results! We have researched for best quality, value and tested them. They will work wonders for your figure.

Q. Do I need to join a gym?

A. No you do not need to join a gym. We want you to get the best results possible attend only our sessions and spending the minimum investment.

Q. What is the food like?

A. The food is varied to give your body the full nutrients it needs to help improve it’s natural processes. Yes there will be some food that you may not like, but from experience, I have had very little complaints. You will need to cut out the current joys of life that have got you to the weight and size you currently are. Mainly booze and sugar… But not chocolate, this is my secret weapon for success. The goal would be to change the way you live so you can improve your body shape, drop inches, and take on the lessons from the program and adapt them into your new lifestyle.

Q. How will the program be delivered?

A. You will be training with me (jango) or one of our trainers depending on which venue you choose to train. The rest of the coaching and meal plans, recipes etc… will be delivered via our private members page.

Q. What is it rains?

A. You get a bit wet. It’s doesn’t you will still sweat and get wet. It’s actually nicer in the rain because it cools you down when you train. Due to the unprodictability of the weather we never cancel session as it could be be raining one minute and dry the next.

Q. Is the fitness camp military related?

A. Absolutely not. There’s no whistle blowing or shouting, and certainly no camo pants! Your trainer is highly qualified in fitness, and there’s nothing military about the workouts, other than maybe the precision with which they’re planned and delivered.

Q. Can I pay per session?

A. No. The program is designed to get you in the best shape possible, in the the fastest time possible. You are not going to get the life changing results if you don’t commit to the program. Becoming a member of ProjectU means you are committing to your goals. With this you can start making real lifestyle changes, get results and receive exclusive support.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. You can sign up by clicking here. 


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