Discover how this ladies weight-loss expert has helped thousands of Dorset women strip away all their unwanted weight and get them in the best shape of their lives!

At ProjectU Fit Camp You Can Say ‘Goodbye’ To Unwanted Belly Fat And ‘Hello’ To Firmer Arms, Thighs and Butt

You Will Find Fitting Into Those Sexy Clothes Once And For All A Breeze And Be Able To Look In The Mirror And Think "WOW, I've Lost Weight"!

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Dear frustrated dieter,

Losing weight hasn’t been as easy as people made it out be has it?

Diets, calories, weighing, low carb, low fat, less meat, long distance cardio, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Zumba… It’s all become a chaotic mess of total confusion.

The thing is these diets and workout methods actually do work but not long term. Being a slave to it 7 days a week. Still, you’re no closer to your end goal – which is why you’re here.

For example, you lost weight, put a bit on; you diet again, lost what you put on, then stopped because you got bored with the lack of noticeable change.

I’m going to ask you to trust me and forget that your goals have not being achievable. I’ll make it so clear you would be silly not to believe this past full time Kebab eater.

So why should you care about my past?

Because it has helped me discover the things that will help you get the young sexier figure you had. FAST!

The thing is, most women are too busy dieting to get any sustainable results…
  • Your life is one constant struggle. You wake up feeling exhausted, worn out. You feel stiff, sore, unfit and carrying your body around is a major challenge.
  • You avoid looking at your reflection for any length of time because it disgusts you. And you wonder how the man in your life, or any man, could find you attractive.
  • You’ve promised yourself time and time again to change. You’ve tried dieting, exercise and everything else but it’s just too damn hard to stick to. Any time you’ve lost weight it just creeps back on again.
  • As you are getting older it’s just getting harder and harder.

And in the end you’re still struggling to wear your favourite clothes. You don’t like what you see in the mirror. You feel like crap and want to give up. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Let me explain… O.K – now I’m going to brag a little. I don’t mind it. It’s necessary so you put your trust in me to help you.

Meet Toni:


She’s a mum of two, who works full time, so she didn’t get to spend a lot of time on herself to look after her body. With her kids being off school, the summer months really took it’s toll and she was at her biggest yet. Her daily routine consisted of feeding and entertaining the kids first and spending little time on herself. She tried sticking to exercise and diet during the summer holidays but she was so exhausted by the end of each day all she wanted to do was hit the sofa have a glass of wine or two and snack on rubbish. She was out of her usual routine, felt rubbish, frumpy and needed to re focus on what was important to herher body image and self-esteem.

When Toni joined the 6 week program everything changed for her.

Here Michelle who was in the same boat at Toni but she had 5 kids with a full time job and in 6 weeks she completely transformed her body exercise only 3 times a week and following our simple and easy to prep meal plans.


Transformation-6-1013x1024 Michelle and Toni made amazing progress following our Jargon Free Weight Loss Formula and I’m sure you agree they are both looking HOT, not only that but the both feel amazing too! They’ve put the whole ‘dieting’ behind them and incorporated a new way of eating which has allowed them to eat the things they like and still lose weight.

bournemouth boot camp trio works

  Hit ‘Register’ Below To Apply And Test Run Our Body Toning, Fat Melting ProjectU Fitness Camp Absolutely Free!


If you’re still not sure, face up to how you truly feel right now. Face up to the fact that if you don’t change it’s just going to get worse and worse. You’re reading this because you want to make a positive and noticeable change to your body so that you can lead a happy healthy life and feel good about yourself again.

Once you apply the principles that I teach at ProjectU, you can go through each day knowing what you are doing is only THE best for your figure.

Before I discovered my true calling in life I worked eating and selling kebabs for two years. Luckily, I don’t have any pictures to remind of me of my ugly 2 year fatty fried food binge.

My working hours were crap, energy levels were shot so all I wanted to do is sleep, stay in and all the effort I put in to exercise literally did nothing.

So like you, I wanted to turn my life around so you don’t have to go through my daily struggles of low self-esteem and zero confidence.

Now fast-forward a few of years I’m kind of become famous for transforming outgoing, fed up, and frustrated female dieters break their weight loss plateaus to drop fat from the areas which they hate most so they can lead life full of confidence and vanity!

Imagine that??

Living a lifestyle free from your daily struggle of dragging every ‘concrete footstep’ and feeling confident wearing the clothes you loved to wear and not hiding under them

Finally you stop lying to yourself
  • Stop telling yourself you’re failure 
  • Stop telling yourself you’re to old
  • Stop telling yourself that it’s too late
  • Stop putting brave face on and pretending that everything is ok when it’s not.
I can you show you simpler way to lose weight where you don’t need to restrict your diet. But you’ve got to be ready to work. Now I’m getting consistent head turning results with every female member that joins my program and follows my formula. The best thing is that now they are happy because they’ve got their mojo back and don’t feel lost and stuck in the same place.

Which is priceless!





Results Disclaimer: These results were achieved following a custom meal plan and a regular exercise regime. 


 Results Disclaimer: These results were achieved following a custom meal plan and a regular exercise regime. 



Sadly though, these results are not for everyone.

Not every woman will be able to achieve these results because they aren’t willing to put in the time and effort.

They are not open to new ideas.

They don’t like being challenged.

They aren’t ready to put in the work that’s needed to lose weight and tone up.

They aren’t ready to follow a step-by-step plan as they would rather do their own thing.

Yet their figure, their stress levels and their distinct lack of lifestyle paints a very different picture. Sounds familiar right? So I want to ‘Rule out’ and eliminate those women right now. Heck, YOU may even be one of them. ProjectU is NOT for ‘those’ women.

However, it is for you if you are totally fed-up and frustrated with what you see in the mirror and you are ready to take control of your health because you understand that your results are directly correlated to what you put in to achieve your new body.

I’ll show you HOW to lose weight and get a sexy figure so that your partner won’t be able to keep his hands off you – the jargon-free way – the secrets that have taken me 6 years to learn and that I’ve shared with just a select few women in Bournemouth who have applied for my program.

If you really want to achieve the same results and be another one of our success stories. Then all you have to do is click on the ‘register now’ button below.


If you decide to join the ProjectU experience the great thing about what we do is;
  • It doesn’t require you to be a super fit.
  • It doesn’t require you to have any experience with exercise.
  • It doesn’t require you to have ‘nerves of steel’ to get started.

So what does it require then Jango??

Belief! Enough to take a chance, enough to put my principles into action, if you do just that – nothing more, nothing less – your results will be jaw dropping and hard to believe.

You will be THAT woman everyone is magnetically drawn to when your transformation has been so extreme… everyone will be asking ‘Have you lost weight? You look amazing!’

…and you don’t even have to give up chocolate to lose weight.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get a place to be mentored by me, you will discover…
  • How to remove that damaging thought of ‘I’ll always be fat – I may as well give up’ PERMANENTLY!
  • My life changing secrets to dropping stubborn belly fat without doing endless amounts of sit-ups or crunches (All they do is give you a bad back)
  • The pure magic of my simple and easy to follow 5 step method that will reduce stress and have you sleeping like a log so that you can wake up feeling amazing and nothing can annoy you … not even your screaming kids.
  • The anti-scaffolding, butt and thigh tailored nutrition plan that’ll get the you perfect set of legs and ‘lift’ your bum so that you don’t ever need to cover your legs on a hot summer day wearing linen trousers.
  • How to make yourself bullet proof and put an end to the constant gunfire of battling with cravings so that it doesn’t feel like world war 3 making the correct food choices.
  • A secret your dieting club will never tell you which is THE reason why you’re still stuck in the same place, frustrated, burnt out and unhappy
  • Rev up your low metabolism by optimizing your hormones following my simple and easy to follow meal plans that is guarantee to kick-start your weight loss.
  • How to go from average to sexy in just 90 days following my Jargon Free Weight Loss Formula that is designed for women like you get in incredible shape without the headache and the hassle of dieting.
How much does it cost to join Jango?

First up, you can’t just sign up. I’m looking to help 20 7 women who are in desperate need of results and romance but don’t know how to get them. If you are one of those women you will need to apply for a place. We do this to make sure we find the best ‘fit’ for the program and not just let anybody in that jump from program to program. Trust me when I say we are very selective of who we pick to join.  Your investment won’t cost you an arm and leg because this is group personal training so you don’t need to fork out the thousands my clients pay for individual coaching. The great news is you can benefit from even better results but for far less.

If accepted onto the full programme the amount is just £2.30 a day but you don’t even need to make the commitment just yet. You get to try it out for 1 week free first and if you don’t like it then we will part ways.

If you’re thinking ‘that’s expensive’, you’d be right. But remember what you are paying for with the local gym and other boot camps, they really are only just random exercise sessions with no guarantee of results.

With ProjectU you are investing in a complete programme that is 100% based on you and the results you want.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We know you’ve probably tried and failed before and that’s left you sceptical. So how about this? We’ll train you for free. Yes you read correct. If you are not happy with the results you get after following our program, to the letter, we will give you your money back and we’ll train you for free until you are happy.

So really we’re removing every possible barrier there is… and we are doing that because we want you to be happy with your body.

To apply and secure yourself a place on the next ProjectU experience and kiss goodbye the old you. Simply click the ‘register now’ button below, submit your application and we’ll be in touch via email right away, and then over the phone within 24hrs to make sure the program’s right for you.

bournemouth boot camp trio works

We next launch our trials the 1st and 3rd week of every month at our location and with only 7 places available per location. You Shouldn’t Hang About. Hit register now and apply.

I feel amazing…

 I’ve learnt so much about foods and why and what I need to eat to help my body work at its best and still the weight drops off. In 3 months I had gone from a size 14 not fitting, back to my size 10’s. My body is more toned which is something I had never managed to achieve on my own and ProjectU is far from intimidating. I feel amazing and everyone is commenting on the changes not just in my weight but in my skin and my self. Sarah

At This Very Moment You Have 2 Thing You Can Do…

1. You can click away this window and continue living life the way you were, which may cause you to be in the same shape (or worse) next year. You may just keep doing you always did, thus you will keep getting what you always got. While most important thing is to start on something new and something the is proven to work.

2. You can register now by clicking here or you can call me personally on 07828538560 and get on the fast track to get the Body, Health and Life you have always deserved.

Your friend,

Jango Alptekin

Dorsets Leading 30+ Female Transformation Coach

P.S. Note that this is open right now for 7 women who want to take action and want results! After that we’ll close the doors so we can best support the lucky few who get a place on the ‘inside’. Make your bad habits disappear like magic and grab your place now to avoid disappointment.

P.P.S. Remember: join us at ProjectU and you will get all the benefit of being part of the inner circle.

1. 12 x (45 mins) specially co-ordinated group personal training sessions using our cutting edge workout technique (that gets jaw dropping results). Designed & delivered by Weight Loss Expert Jango.

2. The Jargon Free Weight Loss Formula manual to absolutely warp speed your results. Easy to follow expert nutrition info, NOT A DIET, a sensible eating programme based on eating real food. No calorie counting, ready meals, points or shakes, just healthy normal foods.  Concise format makes this simple to follow and gives you shopping lists, meal plans, food lists, more.

3. Gorgeous Unique Recipe Book. Over 80 great tasting healthy meals you can make, so your nutrition NEVER gets boring. Recipes for every occasion: Breakfasts, Soups, Salads, Sides, Lunches, Gourmet Meals, Dips, Sauces, even Deserts (we have you covered)  Meals you and your whole family will enjoy and get super healthy with. 

4. VIP Members area. This is full of exclusive content – articles, videos, links to our advised purchases AND access to our Private (members only) forum where you can hangout and socialize with your new friends (be warned you will make lots) share recipes. 

5. Our goal is to get YOU the results YOU want and that means we’ll give you individual 1:1 help whenever YOU need it. That means having unlimited support from your own coach. Imagine having the most highly qualified passionate health and fitness professional for your individual needs.  Any time you need extra advice you are a text or email away from an expert who will MAKE SURE you win.

Here’s What Will Happen…

  • Lose the weight you have always wanted to lose – With our tailored programs you will not only burn calories during the workout, but also throughout the entire day (And you’ll KEEP IT OFF – No more yo-yo behavior)
  • Get lean and defined over your whole body – We’ll seek, kill, and destroy the fat you have in ALL your problem areas (So you get the legs, thighs, arms, and stomach you’ve always wanted)
  • Sleep better – Because of your increased activity level you will fall into a faster and deeper sleep (This will make you more concentrated and productive throughout the day)
  • Improve your mood – Not only will you be more rested and relaxed throughout the day, you will also start looking better which will boost your confidence and self-esteem (You’ll even reduce feelings of depression and anxiety)
  • Increase your energy – You’ll JUMP out of bed in the morning, and feel energetic all day long (And due to your workouts increasing your circulation…you may even improve your sex life…)
  • Combat chronic diseases – You’ll manage high blood pressure and your cholesterol will benefit too (On top of this, our consistent workouts will assist in preventing type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer)


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